Sour Cherry & Almond Slab.....

Monday morning baking....’Sour Cherry & Almond Slab’ 🍒. Mary Poppins may have served everything with a “spoon 🥄 full of sugar”, but in our home it’s a dollop of cream. This should keep everyone going for a few days. I like to start my week off with something sweet. The whole house smells of cherries and vanilla bean. I love a recipe where you can just throw everything into a bowl or food processor without too much fussing.....

Ok folks here’s the recipe.... super quick and easy...


~ 200g self raising flour. ~ 50g almond meal. ~ 25Og caster sugar ~ 300ml tub sour cream. ~ 2 egg yolks 🥚🥚 ~ zest of one lemon 🍋 ~ 200 g drained pitted cherries 🍒 (can use fresh)

~ 1 generous teaspoon vanilla bean extract.

Preheat oven to 170degrees Celsius (338 Fahrenheit). Combine all ingredients except cherries in a food processor or bowl with a spatula. Mixture will be quite thick. Transfer mixture into greased and lined baking tin (approx 30cm x 20) -a flan or pie tin would work fine. Top with cherries and poke some of them in a bit. Top with natural sliced almonds (I like the ones with the skin on). Bake 35mins. Allow to cool in tin. Dust with icing sugar. Can serve with a dollop of thick double cream and some extra cherries with syrup if it’s for a dessert or nice as a slice with some tea or coffee. Enjoy!! cc xx



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